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Premium PERKS Gift Card

Premium PERKS Gift Card

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 With the PERKS PROGRAM gift card, they get to USE MORE than you spend on the card itself 🔥 🙌 🔥

    • Card cost $50 - they get to spend $55 ($5 bonus)

    • Card cost $100 - they get to spend $110 ($10 bonus)

    • Card cost $200 - they get to spend $225 ($25 bonus)

    • Card cost $300 - they get to spend $335 ($35 bonus)

    • Every card purchase of $100 or more includes a signed poster with customized message to whoever you want! Lyrics, advice, words from the heart whatever it may be!) When Purchasing be sure to include email so I can reach out and find exactly what you want on poster!

    You may not have got Christmas shopping done but with this gift card you, or your loved one, will be able to pick whatever they want from the store. On Christmas day or whenever they want! Perfect for all you late shoppers, or have family/friends who are hard to shop for!

    Since all pieces are limited, the ONLY way to get items that have sold out will be with THIS card ONLY.

    You know they've been with me for years, if you're a mom or dad, you know they've listened to me for years too. This is the perfect gift to show them you care about more than just them, but about what they care about as well.

    And there is NO SHAME in purchasing a card for yourself! If you've had your eye on one or two of pieces but see that they have sold out!, here's your chance! I sure won't tell anyone and Santa better not either "So this time I'll make you proud." -Austin




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